A Long Talk About The Uncomfortable Truth is an anti-racism activation experience.  Participants who self identify to engage in this experience agree to the completion of prework before entering into the group discussion. This prework is a multimedia collection of content reflecting the truth about the history of racism in the United States and the impact it continues to have on our society today.  Completion of the prework serves to provide a common foundational understanding of the issue.   The “long talk” begins with three (3) consecutive days on a virtual conference call. Each call lasts 90 minutes each. The calls are orchestrated as reflective conversations, where participants are asked to listen, view, and respond in real time.  The conversations take place in large and small group settings using the breakout rooms feature. 


The three days are organized by the following titles:


  • Day 1 - Unpacking Your Truth

  • Day 2 - Finding Your Voice

  • Day 3 - Activating Your Activism

Participant Testimonials

“an uncomfortable conversation that will change your life…

~ Carol Turner, Retired educator

“A Long Talk About The Uncomfortable Truth was a transformative immersion into a "big picture" of racism via history, readings, self-disclosure, firm leadership by the facilitator, powerful music, and a wonderfully pervasive spirit of listening and dialogue. I am so happy I committed myself to this program.”

~ Joe Braun, Clinical psychologist

“This seminar was so helpful to me. Anti-racism is a skill, and this training was an opportunity to improve my skill.  I learned through conversations with others on this call that there are techniques we can use to become better at being advocates for Black lives and social justice.  This training will help you grow: think of it like a booster pack.  It will educate you, motivate you, and inspire you!”

~ Joe Mihalich, Assistant Coach, University of Pennsylvania

“A Long Talk is a powerful look at this country’s history founded on the concept of the supremacy of whites and the utilization of Black people to build the economy that would lead to the US becoming the richest in the world. It provides the context for why we are where we currently are in terms of racial inequality. It pushes each of us to confront our complicity in the status quo and make a choice to stand on the side of racial injustice and inequality or join the fight and become an anti-racist ally committed to act in impactful ways.”

~ Nat Graham, Assistant Coach, University of Pennsylvania

"In my 24 years as a white college basketball coach "A Long Talk" presentation lead by Kyle Williams was the most impactful and eye opening education I have received. It made me see where I was and I am and where I need to go as a leader of young black men. We all have work to do and "A Long Talk" helped me realize I can't waste time."

~ Mike Rhoades, Head Coach, Virginia Commonwealth University 

“Simply the best seminar I've participated in on any topic. Great prework materials that served to help educate me. Excellent speakers, slides, questions, and videos embedded in the presentation. Productive break-out room discussions. Kyle Williams is an excellent facilitator. The first day when he kept 90 coaches engaged through questions and use of the chat feature on zoom was great. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Beyond that, I left the 3 day experience more passionate, committed, and armed with some resources to help me become a better front line soldier.”

~ Dave Paulsen, Head Coach, George Mason University 

“Kyle Williams created a space for literal strangers to let down their guard and open their hearts and minds to learn about the history of racism in America. A Long Talk is an essential program for anyone who wants to learn how they can play a role in dismantling racism on the path to creating an anti-racist society. We are all responsible for doing our part and A Long Talk provides the platform and the tools to do so.”

~ Reyna Gilbert-Lowry, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development/SWA,

   VA Tech 

“I would and will recommend this program to student groups, coaches, teachers, athletic directors, college and high school administrators - and really all human beings who have an open mind!”

~ Brett MacConnell, Associate Head Coach, Princeton University

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